Back in the days before there was the internet and we all had to struggle to find something to do while we waited at a doctor's appointment there were magazines. They usually weren't magazines from the current year or even decade but they were something to do while we waited. As a kid, I remember reading Highlights Magazine. I loved their "find the hidden objects puzzles".

I say that to express this, in those "hidden object" puzzles once you "saw" the object you couldn't unsee it. Its presence was burned into your brain and no amount of reading the Timbertoes or the Adventures of Goofus and Gallant was going to remove that drawing of a butcher knife from the drawing of that tree limb. If you read Highlights you know it to be true.

So, what does this trip down memory lane have to do with a dog that looks like Matt Damon? The connection is from the "can't unsee it" portion of the narrative. Tik Tok User @ab.larson took to the social media platform to explain why her dog and actor Matt Damon will be forever intertwined.

Did you notice the resemblance? I actually did not until that very last shot when the dog furrowed his brow. Then he looked a lot more like Matt Damon. Meanwhile, Abby, that's our Tik Tok girl, put this together to further solidify the notion that her pup and Jason Bourne would be forever linked in Internet history.

Now, this begs us to ask this question of you, does your dog have a doppelganger? Do you know a celebrity or not-so-famous friend that they resemble? We'd sure love to see it. My daughter says that our Havanese dog, Rudy, looks like Benjamin Franklin. Here they are side by side.

The People's Profile via YouTube/ Staff Photo
The People's Profile via YouTube/ Staff Photo

I personally don't see the resemblance but Rudy didn't have his hair combed for the picture either. Regardless, we've discovered one more great use for the Internet today, dogs and their doppelgangers. 

Does your dog look like someone famous? Does someone famous look like your dog? We want to know. Do you think any of these guys look like their famous owners?

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