If  you visit any state parks you may encounter a sign letting you know that park hours have changed.. the folks at Sam Houston Jones Park wanted to clarify exactly what is going on with the changes..


Park officials want you to know that although the hours are changing, the gate hours are remaining the same.

New hours:

8am-5pm – Sunday through Thursday ; 8am-10pm - Friday and Saturday

The park gates will continue to open at 6am at sites with boat launches and 7am at sites without boat launches. And gates will close same time as usual.

Officials attribute the change to budget cuts and staffing cutbacks.  A move that may end up losing the state money.  Already, some park-goers are coming in before 8am and after 5pm to save a dollar.

As a park enthusiast, saving a dollar may seem like it is great but that money saved would normally go towards the general upkeep of the park.  Also, not counting people coming in and out will decrease the number of people logged in as visitors to various state parks.  That higher number is necessary when requesting different items or maintenance.

If you plan on bringing your RV, tent or want to rent a cabin, you can still arrive as long as the gate is open. However, you will be required to register the next morning at 8am. Park Rangers will comb the area to make sure everyone who is there should be there.

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