After a very close contest for the Assessor's Race, Willie Mount announced that she is withdrawing from the runoff. That will place Wendy Curphy Aguillard as the Calcasieu Parish Assessor. Click "Read More" to see Mount's announcement from her campaign page on Facebook:

I am withdrawing from the Assessor's race. The people have spoken and I have great respect for the citizens of Calcasieu Parish. I wish Wendy Augillard success in the office. I will continue to be involved in community efforts for the betterment of Southwest Louisiana. It has been an honor and privilege to serve. I sincerely thank everyone who worked on my campaign and those who supported our efforts.

The Assessor's race was a close one. Aguillard ended the night leading with 48.85% of the vote. Willie Mount had 38.26%. The reason for the run off was the 12.88% of the votes cast for Mike Regan.

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