You're looking for love on the Internet.  Not a bad idea, really -- it works for quite a lot of people.

But when Louisiana's singles are putting together their profile, what's the thing that unites them the most? If you looked at all of them, what word would stand out the most on their profiles?

According to Mashable and, it would be the word "HUNT."

That's right -- in Louisiana and Arkansas (and strangely enough, West Virginia), you'd better be into hunting. Or maybe hate hunting.  We don't know -- it's just the most-used word. It could go either way, really.

Now, if you're in Texas, the word you'd use the most is "OIL." And that could really go so many ways, couldn't it? Maybe there's a lot of roustabouts looking for love in Texas. Or someone in Texas just really wants to grease you up. Again, it could go either way, really.

Here's a short list of some of our favorites:

  • New York:  MUSEUM.  (Sexy, sexy museums.)
  • Tennessee:  PORCH.  (They don't waste time in Tennessee.)
  • Mississippi:  LOOKIN.  (Not even 'looking.' You guys don't get out much, do ya?)
  • South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa:  FARM.  (Dang, y'all. There's got to be something else do do there, right?)
  • Missouri:  ZOO.  (Oh, gross, Missouri.)
  • Maryland:  GOSPEL.  (Ooh, takin' it to church, I see.)