The election for Nov. 4 is a huge election day for local, state and federal offices. In Calcasieu Parish alone, there are 34 separate races. All state voters will be looking at 14 separate state constitutional amendments.  Get prepared!

Remember -- early voting:  Oct. 21-28, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at your local registrar of voters. (Polls closed on Sunday, Oct. 26.)

RACES -- All offices, choose one.

U.S. Senator

  • Wayne Ables (D)
  • Bill Cassidy (R)
  • Thomas Clements (R)
  • Mary Landrieu (D)
  • Rob Maness (R)
  • Brannon Lee McMorris (L)
  • Vallian Senegal (D)
  • William Waymire Jr. (D)

U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District

  • Bryan Barrilleaux (R)
  • Charles Boustany Jr. (R)
  • Russell Richard (No Party)

Judge, Court of Appeal, 3rd Circuit, 2nd Dist., Elec. Sec. 2A

  • Kent Savoie (R)
  • Jamie Yelverton (R)

District Judge, 14th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. G

  • King Alexander Jr. (R)
  • Michael Canaday (No Party)

District Judge, 14th Judicial District Court, ES 3, Div. A

  • David Palay (R)
  • Mitch Redd (R)
  • Oliver Schrumpf (D)

District Attorney, 14th Judicial District Court

  • Christian Chesson (D)
  • John DeRosier (D)

City Judge, City Court, Division A, City of Lake Charles

  • Jamie Bice (D)
  • Brent Hawkins (D)
  • Rob McCorquodale (R)

City Judge, City Court, Division B, City of Lake Charles

  • Bryan Gill (Other)
  • John Hood (D)
  • Ron Richard (D)

City Marshall, City Court, City of Lake Charles

  • Joey Alcede III (R)
  • Jeff Hooper (No Party)
  • Jimmy Richard (D)

School Board, District 1

  • Aaron Natali (R)
  • Brandon Perkins (R)

School Board, District 2

  • Fred Hardy Jr. (D)
  • Jules Menou (Other)

School Board, District 3

  • Glenda Gay (D)
  • Edwina Medearis (D)
  • Bill Shearman (D)

School Board, District 5

  • Dale Bernard (Other)
  • Ron Hayes (R)

School Board, District 6

  • Ted Atterbery Jr. (No Party)
  • Gino Lubrano (D)
  • Dean Roberts (R)
  • Debbie Theriot (R)

School Board, District 7

  • Mack Dellafosse Jr. (D)
  • Randy Thibodeaux (Other).

School Board, District 8

  • Jim Schooler (Other)
  • Eric Tarver (R)

School Board, District 9

  • Max Caldarera (D)
  • Jason Elliott (R)

School Board, District 10

  • Becky Grove (D)
  • Tony O'Banion (R)
  • Alvin Smith (R)

School Board, District 13

  • Joy Abshire (D)
  • Billy Breaux (R)
  • Jesse Fontenot (D)

School Board, District 15

  • John Duhon (R)
  • Tammie Pettis (D)

Justice of the Peace, Justice of the Peace Ward 7

  • Danny Landry (D)
  • Teddy McNiel (D)
  • Chad Perry (L)

Constable, Justice of the Peace Ward 2

  • Dean Aucoin (R)
  • Roland Bertrand (D)

Constable, Justice of the Peace Ward 7

  • Chris Jowers (Other)
  • Arthur Phillips Sr. (D)
  • Michael Wright (No Party)

Constable, Justice of the Peace Ward 8

  • Orgy Broussard (D)
  • Brad Gieger (D)

Mayor of DeQuincy

  • Dan Abdalla (No Party)
  • Lawrence Henagan (D)

Mayor of Westlake

  • Bob Hardey (D)
  • Lori Manuel (R)

Westlake Chief of Police

  • Rodney Grantham Jr. (No Party)
  • Chris Wilrye (D)

Iowa Council Member, District E

  • Gerald Guidry (D)
  • Jerry Lapearous (D)

Westlake Council Member, Division A

  • John Cradure (D)
  • Skeeter Hayes

Westlake Council Member, Division B

  • JC Cormier (R)
  • Jeremy Cryer (Other)
  • Jerry Guillory (R)
  • Tim Hall (D)
  • Sharmita Rideau (D)

Westlake Council Member, Division C

  • Betty Bates (R)
  • Ambra Reinking (Other)

Westlake Council Member, Division D

  • Len Pauley III (R)
  • Dan Racca (D)

Westlake Council Member, Division E

  • Kenny Brown (D)
  • Paula Johnson (D)

DeQuincy Councilman, District 2

  • Ronda Jacobs (D)
  • Heather Clifton Royer (No Party)

Proposition -- Yes or No

City of DeQuincy Home Rule Charter Amendment Proposition (Compensation for City Council Members)

Shall Section 2-05 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of DeQuincy be amended to include a third sentence which shall read: "Effective January 1, 2015, the compensation of council members shall be $300 per month, together with an increase of five (5%) percent each year, commencing January 1, 2016, until said compensation reaches a maximum of $500.00 per month."?