This past week I noticed something peculiar happening across SWLA. I saw green porch lights popping up everywhere and it made me wonder what exactly it stood for.

via Did You Know? YouTube
via Did You Know? YouTube

I've heard the stories of how red porch lights could possibly signify that something illegal is happening at a certain house, like drug sales or prostitution, and blue porch lights signify a support of law enforcement. But, I've never seen or heard of what green porch lights are supposed to stand for.

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After doing some research, I found a national campaign called "Greenlight a Vet".  It encourages Americans to replace their traditional porch light for a green one. This is to show support of America's veterans and for them to know that their country loves and supports them. Green is the color of hope, renewal, and well-being.

According to the US Army's website:

America's veterans are some of our nation's bravest, hardest-working men and women. However, it is hard to show them the appreciation they deserve when, back home and out of uniform; they are more camouflaged than ever. Greenlight a Vet is a campaign to establish visible national support for our veterans by changing one light to green.

The simple action of changing one light to green is intended to spark a national conversation regarding the recognition of veterans, and greenlight them forward as valued members of our communities.

Veteran Salutes the US Flag

The US Army's website says not only for us to show our support on Veterans Day, but to leave in our green light all year long so that veterans know we support them. You can also share your support on social media by taking a picture of your green light and posting it using the hashtag #greenlightavet.

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