Today, we're traveling through the Gulf of Mexico on our way to our first stop -- Montego Bay, Jamaica! This is the day that I, along with our travelers, will explore the ship. I definitely need to find the Spotlight Lounge, because that's where Damon Troy and Final Five will play their first of two awesome concerts this week!

Check out that beautiful blue water -- not like when you go down to Holly Beach, is it?

Rear of the ship

So, we travel today and tomorrow. By Wednesday, we'll be rockin' the reggae in Jamaica. On Thursday, we jet over to the Cayman Islands, and when we get back that night, Damon and the band will rock their second cocnert.

On Friday, we plan to party at the world-famous Margaritaville in Cozumel, Mexico! (All I really want to do is find the Dos Equis dude.)

The most interesting man in the world

Make sure you check back in tomorrow, because Damon's gonna be schoolin' the Caribbean on how Cajun music should be done. I'll bring you some pictures of that concert. For now, enjoy some shots of the Carnival Magic. Me and Damon are headed to the casino to check out the nickel slot action.




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