Diet and Nutrition Tips:

  1. One key to optimization of the body’s metabolism, function and longevity is to adopt a low carbohydrate Mediterranean-style diet, which has been shown to reduce cardiovascular and cancer risks more than a typical American or Asian-style diet.
  2. A body mass index of 12-13, a Mediterranean-style diet and thoughtful neutraceutical grade antioxidant supplements will provide optimum health and vitality over the long-term.

Questions for the Wellness Expert:

Q. What is Direct Primary Care?

A. “Direct primary care is primary physician services offered directly to the consumer, without insurance administration. It is an umbrella term, incorporating various health care delivery systems that involve direct financial relationships between patients and health care providers.” -

Q. Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid and other Insurances?
A. Yes, we accept Medicare and Medicaid with secondary insurances, as well as most all insurances.

Q. Do you provide medical oncology and hematology care?
A. Yes, we provide medical oncology and hematology care. Some outpatient infusion services may be provided for on-site, while others may, by necessity, be referred to area hospitals.

Q. What is involved in age management/lifestyle optimization, and the Infinite Life Membership Program?
A. Simply stated, traditional medical approaches seek to treat disease after presenting symptoms, laboratory values, scans and/or other tests lead to presumptive diagnosis. Elite health optimization/age management integrates optimum metabolic and hormone function with progressive improvement of physical and major end organ activity. This, along with proven mind-body methods, achieves the highest quality lifestyle and longevity possible. Although the aging process cannot be stopped, it can be slowed and quality optimized and maintained.

When enrolled in the Infinite Life Program you will be given a comprehensive physical metabolic, physiologic evaluation in which we will tailor an optimized program integrating the best practices, treatments and other interventions to help you achieve elite and long lasting health and vitality.