In the list of things I thought I would never write about, I present to you a story about a cow stuck in a tree!

Where's the beef? It's sitting stuck in a tree in the case of this rescue of a cow in St. Bernard Parish. How does a cow get stuck in a tree you ask? It certainly didn't "moo-ve" its way up there. We can safely assume it is an aftermath of the high floodwaters in the area of St. Bernard Parish that came in due to Hurricane Ida. St. Bernard Parish workers worked in waist-deep water to cut the bovine free from its tree house and get it back to safety.

The video shows the workers taking a chain saw to the tree carefully to set the cow free. You can clearly see the poor animal is indeed moving around as they work quickly to get the branches cut to free the poor animal. There's no word on how long it was stuck in the tree, but we can assume it was there for quite a while. As the water receded, it ended up getting wedged in the for of the tree instead of making its way to the ground. The workers were able to get it totally free, and back to the ground safely.

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