Hurricane Sally passed through the Gulf Coast this week and did quite a bit of damage to the area, including parts of the 3 Mile Bridge in Pensacola, FL. New drone footage shows the severity of the damage to the newly finished bridge.

The footage was tweeted out by @WEARAllenStrum and you can see it below

We first reported the breaking of the bridge while inclement weather was still hanging around the area, but now that things have cleared up we have a much better look at the 3 Mile Bridge in Pensacola. Reports are saying that it may have been a barge that was pushed by strong winds into the bridge that caused the damage.

We all know how tough it is to deal with the aftermath of a Hurricane, so we can only hope that repairs on this bridge can begin as soon as possible.

I am a former resident of Pensacola, FL and even drove across the new 3 Mile Bridge the very first day it was opened. After seeing the finishing touches get put on this new bridge and now having to see all of the hard work put into it get tarnished, it is really tough as this new bridge was a huge step forward for the good people of Pensacola.

This is not the first drone footage we have seen, as this look at Gulf Shores, AL details just how powerful Hurricane Sally was.

All-in-all, this is the most severe of structural damage we have seen as a result of Sally's passing. Plenty of water damage has been reported in the Gulf Coast area, especially for businesess and homes that line the beach.

Flora-Bama Lounge & Package experienced severe water damage to their building and you can see their Instagram post with details below @_florabama

As we here in Louisiana continue to recover from Hurricane Laura, let's also remember all of our friends along the Gulf Coast who have just begun recovery efforts for Hurricane Sally.


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