So some call Valentine's day the hallmark holiday or just a made up holiday for retailers to cash in on where folks must have to buy something season. Because if ya don't, you will be in the dog house.

Well I did a little thinking and ya know roses and chocolates are nice but if your from Louisiana, you are the only one's that can appreciate these gifts.

I have compiled a list of great gifts to give your Cajun guy or gal that they will not only smile but love because you appreciate these items when your from Louisiana. They will love it if you give them one of these awesome gifts below.

I know I would!

  • Boiled Crawfish -- Everyone loves some boiled crawfish.  Especially when you don't have to cook em up your self.
  • A Box of Pecan Pralines -- Nothing says diabetes and I am from Louisiana more than a bunch of caramalized sugar over some pecans.
  • The Cajun Mason Jar Wine Glass --- It's basically a glass jar usually used to preserve figs or some other great treat but some genius decided to put a glass stem on it and dub it the Cajun wine glass.
  • A king cake in shape of heart -- I believe that is self explanitory.
  • Anything Purple and Gold -- No matter what part of the state of Louisiana you are from you are a LSU fan.  Sure you will root for your local college team in your town but your heart will always bleed purple and gold!
  • Community Coffee -- This is Louisiana's version of black gold.  If you are from Louisiana and are a coffee drinker, then there is no substitute for coffee other than having Community Coffee.

So that is just a few I could think of.  I hope I helped you out a little bit.  Happy Cajun Valentine's day!