During the outbreak of COVID-19, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has made tough decisions that impact hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents. Some of these measures brought heavy impacts to the Louisiana economy. Including closing Educational Facilities, closing casinos, shutting down Non-essential businesses, and issuing a stay at home order.

But all of the measures that Governor Edwards has put in place have come with a plan behind it. Unlike some states, each measure has had a direct correlation to "flattening the curve" of the COVID outbreak. But shutting things down hasn't been all that Governor Edwards has done.

While sections of the Louisiana economy, and everyday life, have been put on hold, the Governor has also been working to build up Louisiana's response to the virus. Through FEMA, and Louisiana's own disaster response departments, Governor Edwards has been building medical supplies, and working to create more hospital beds.

This work put in by Governor Edwards has not gone unnoticed. The Governor has found a fan in an unlikely spot...The White House.

When President Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity on Fox News, he didn't hide his feelings on Governor John Bel Edwards. Though the President was critical of some Governors across the country, he made it clear that he thinks Louisiana's Governor is doing it right. The President said:

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