The Gulf of Mexico is finally quiet. After a busy couple of weeks with Hurricane Ida and Hurricane Nicholas, it does appear as if things have settled down for residents who live in the Gulf South. But that doesn't mean the tropical Atlantic Basin has slowed down at all.

As of early this morning, there were two named tropical systems churning the Atlantic. There were also two other areas of disturbed weather that forecasters were monitoring for development too. The good news, for the Gulf of Mexico anyway, is that none of these systems appears to be a threat to that body of water.

The two named systems in the Atlantic this morning are both tropical storms. Tropical Storm Peter which is the system that is closest to a landmass is also the stronger of the two. Peter was situated just to the northeast of the Leeward Islands this morning. The projected track of the storm should pull it to the north of that island chain.

The prognosis for Peter is that the system will remain a tropical storm for about another 24 hours and then slowly start to weaken. On the current forecast track, the system will stay east of the Bahamas but could affect Bermuda as a tropical depression later in the week.

Tropical Storm Rose was reported to have sustained winds at 40 mph this morning. This system is in the open Atlantic. It's about 500 miles east of the Cabo Verde Islands. Forecasters believe the track of Rose will keep it over open water before it eventually weakens. As of now, Rose is a threat only to the shipping industry.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Odette are being monitored near Newfoundland. There is some speculation that Odette could slide southward over warmer waters and re-strengthen. Although the Hurricane Center only gives that a 30% probability of happening.

There is also another tropical wave just off the coast of Africa. The current forecast suggests this system will have a chance to strengthen into a tropical cyclone. The Hurricane Center is giving this storm system a 60% probability of doing just that.

In the meantime, we'll do our best to stay cool until that cold front shows up. That is still supposed to happen right?

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