A weak tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea appears to be on a path that would bring it into the western Gulf of Mexico by later this week. Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are currently watching the area of disturbed weather which is forecast to move over Central America and reemerge into the Bay of Campeche.


Granted, at this time this system is nothing to be that concerned about if you have interests along the Northern Gulf Coast. At best, model projections suggest that this area of disturbed weather, assuming it will stay intact as it crosses Central America, will be nothing more than a prodigious rainmaker for south Texas.

But since this is August and we are nearing the peak of the tropical season, it's always a wise idea to know where the potential trouble spots happen to be. This Tweet from Mike's Weather Page shows you what areas forecasters are going to be eyeballing over the next few days.

As you can see the potential scenario in the Gulf of Mexico is just one of four spots that might need further evaluation over time. However, other than the area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean the National Hurricane Center has not issued any advisories on the other "watch spots".

Actually, the storm system that's forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico is only given a 20% probability of strengthening but again, this is August and water temperatures are warm enough to support strengthening tropical systems. Let's hope that this won't be the case for this area of disturbed weather or any of the other potential trouble spots they are watching right now.

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