Travis Matte has just released his 9th studio album called "Old TIme Cajun Songs" full of your favorite traditional Cajun music classics. 

The CD just released on Travis Matte's website features 10 songs.  Here is the lineup on the record and you can listen to a sample of one of the songs from the record below:

Travis Matte New CD "Old Time Cajun Songs" (Photo by Mike Soileau)

1. Went to the dance
2. Musicians Waltz
3. Catch my hat
4. Pistache ah taunt na na
5. Perrodin 2 step
6. Heaven sent
7. Lacassine Special
8. Duralde Waltz
9. Crowley 2 step
10. La Danse des Mardi Gras

Here is a preview of track #1 off of new CD -- 'Went To The Dance"

Travis Matte & The Kingpins will be in Lake Charles this Friday night, June 14th at Luna Live in the Downtown area of Lake Charles.