If you don't like people or going out in public and are just a home body, then we have found the best cities for you to live in. A new study found out the best cities to live in so you don't have to bother with anyone.

The list has a few big cities and some cities you wouldn't have thought about as a best place to live if you want to be a hermit.

10.  Phoenix, Arizona -- Wouldn't leave the house anyway because it's to hot anyway.

9.  Los Angeles, California -- Smog, traffic and wanna be actors and musicians, stay inside!

8.  Miami, Florida -- Drug dealers, late night bar life and heat.  No Thanks

7. Tampa, Florida -- I don't know about this one.  Minor league baseball teams during the spring.  Got to be outside for that!

6.  Dallas, Texas -- I agree.  Every time I watch the show "First 48" there is always a story about a murder in Dallas.  Stay inside and don't be a statistic.

5. Denver, Colorado -- What?  Beautiful mountains, snow, and no humidity.  Why would you stay inside?  Maybe people there haven't realized weed is legal there so they can go outside and get "Mile High".

4.  San Francisco, California -- Earthquakes, Enough said.

3.  Washington D.C. -- I agree, stay inside.  Politicians, Murders and traffic would make me not go anywhere there.

2.  Austin, Texas -- Now this one stunned me.  Come on people!  6th street is a mecca of great fun and live music

1.  Chicago, Illinois --- I totally agree.  have you watched the news.  I mean they have had over 3325 people shot in 2016.  No thanks.