While a lot of the media focus has been on the Governor's race in Louisiana. There are two other statewide races that could get very interesting before the final votes are tallied on November 21. Those races are the quest for Lt. Governor between Billy Nungesser and Kip Holden and the Attorney General race between Buddy Caldwell and Jeff Landry.

A poll conducted by JMC Analytics and underwritten by Nexstar Television stations found that these two races are actually tighter than what the latest polls say the Governor's race will be.

In the Attorney General's race Jeff Landry has a slight lead over incumbent Buddy Caldwell, 38% to 34%, with 29% of voters undecided. Pollster John Couvillon told the Louisiana Radio Network.

One of the eliminated candidates, Geri Baloney, endorsed Caldwell’s opponent. Whereas the Legislative Black Caucus endorsed Caldwell. So, it’s going to be interesting to see how the democratic vote splits out in the runoff.

In the race for Lt. Governor Couvillon said,

I think they’re so close because you had a bit of ranker in the Lt. Governor’s race, so the John Young supporters are not yet sure who to vote for.

The poll showed that Nungesser polled in at 40% while Kip Holden had 39% of the support. The undecided voters in the Lt. Governors race will certainly be the deciding factor when the votes are counted.

You can bet in both races candidates will be posturing to gain the support of eliminated candidates and trying to woo voters who did not vote in the October 24th election to actually make it to the polls.

Early voting for the November 21st runoff begins this Saturday and will run through the 14th.