We have a lot of great hotels and motels here in Lake Charles, but according to tripadvisor.com, we also have a few bad ones. Here are five of the worst-rated motels on the site.

Warning: May contain bed bugs, suspicious stains, undercover police, mice, and/or prostitution

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    Days Inn Lake Charles

    1212 N Lake Shore Dr, Lake Charles, LA


    Highlight Review:
    "Not Good"

    “Room was infested with spiders. I walked in and it was small dead spiders on the bed. I used the bathroom and it was a dead spider in there. The room smelled so bad. The restroom was dirty. I even went to look in the mirror and a live spider was crawling on the mirror. It was cobwebs and dust in the corners. I informed the clerk and instead of immediately trying to help he blamed me for not telling him sooner. I dropped my bags off and left the room. It was NYE. He offered us a different room after realizing I wasn't going to back down and came up to see I wasn't lying about the things I said. The new room was better but it was a dead roach in the tub and bugs behind the toilet."

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    Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Lake Charles

    3231 Lake St, Lake Charles, LA


    Highlight Review:
    “Worst Hotel EVER!!!!”
    nicole b

    “Filthy room, not cleaned from previous occupants, bugs all over, bathroom filthy, carpets soggy, goop splattered on the walls, electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, black hairs on the sheets, whole hotel smelled horrid like an ashtray. Lobby staff VERY RUDE from initial arrival. We left within an hour and hotel management refuses to refund the night. Still fighting a week later.

    Room Tip: do NOT stay here! RUN!!!”

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    Motel 6

    921 N Martin Luther King Hwy, Lake Charles, LA


    Highlight Review:
    “do not stay here”

    “Checked in, hotel was hot, filthy, mildew in shower and around sink. No shower drain stopper. No emergency fire sprinklers in room. Had two undercover cop cars parked in front of my room. Witnessed a prostitute exiting a room. Who ever decided that this hole
    In the wall could ever be designated as a "Hotel" should have their license revoked.
    It was noisy and unsafe. I checked out after 1 am.
    The advertising picture is so inaccurate.”

  • Ivan Fisun
    Ivan Fisun

    Rodeway Inn & Suites

    335 Hwy 171, Lake Charles, LA


    Highlight Review:
    “Do not Go Here”

    "Had to transfer to three room. Door handle feel out in my hand, TV did not wook. These room are really down to the bare. They smell, beds are lumpy and above all a HOOKER approched my husband.
    Luckly he said I had all the money and guess what?
    She came knocking on my door
    Do not go here
    No coffee even, nothing but Hookers and bad room that need to be redone.
    Hey, I am a painter, they could really ruse my touch”

  • Ivan Kmit
    Ivan Kmit

    Oasis Inn & Suites

    1000 N. Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA


    Highlight Review:
    “mice problem”

    “bed was clean, paint was chipping off wall, mirror was standing on the floor leaning on the wall, we stayed for a week and during the week encountered mice coming into the room at night....we complained about them and the food of ours that was ruined and was not offered any compensation of any kind....the only thing they did was provide us with mouse traps

    Room Tip: don't bother”

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