I've seen some crazy houses in New Orleans, but I had no idea a full blown tour existed. It's literally called Weird Homes Tour, featuring the famous city's craziest homes. I lived in NOLA, I go there all the time, and I never heard of such a tour. With COVID-19 still going on, I doubt they are still doing them, but hopefully they'll start back once the pandemic has died down enough to make it safe, because I sure want to go!

New Orleans is full of wonder and mysterious things, so this type of tour falls right in line with everything else they have going on there. Below is a look at some of the weirdest homes featured in past tours.

Pretty weird, but sure seems like a lot of fun. Right? It's also a really cool way to visit New Orleans and see something other than the French Quarter or go the Audubon Zoo. Well, until the annual event can safely resume its in-person adventures, you can check out the Weird Homes Virtual Tour. Enjoy!

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