It might be the new viral social media craze but FaceApp could be more than you bargained for.

Forbes and Tech Crunch are reporting that the Russian-made FaceApp is a danger to your privacy.

When you accept their privacy policy, you give the app access to your phone's photo library. But that's not all. By using the app, you give them permission to use any altered and non-altered photos you put through the app however they want in perpetuity.

And, instead of just processing the photos on your phone, the app uploads your pictures to their server.

Is it just me or does something smell rotten in Denmark on this one?

Some conspiracy theorists are saying that this is an attempt by the Russians to start a facial recognition software database.

Whatever it is, I don't feel good about it. Oh, and since you've given the app access to all your photos, they could theoretically download all your nudes and send them to Putin and you'd never know.

Just another reason why it's impossible to have fun in the digital age.

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