Think the best place to stay in Lake Charles is at one of the fancy casino resorts? Think again.

The best neighborhood in the entire city, with the best places to stay is somewhere around the corner of Kirby and Common Street, at least according to

The travel website recently launched a new interactive map that factors in a bunch of different elements to find the perfect place to stay when visiting any city in the country. They claim to analyze over 37 million reviews from Hostelworld,, and AirBnB, then match them with accommodation data about hostels, hotels, and homestays.

They then take all of that data and run it through an algorithm that factors in accommodation ratings along with points of interest and things to do in the city to calculate the perfect location.

Which works out to be a little red circle downtown, with only two places to stay inside it, both of which are AirBnB homestays.

The first one is called “Room at Common House”, and is $41 per night. From the listing’s description, it's a 100-year-old house that’s been converted into a “Community Monastery for creative minds and spirits”, which I suspect is code for retired hippies and current hipsters with man buns and debilitating Pokémon Go addictions.


The second one is called “Private little spot down town”, and is $90 per night. It accommodates three people, with one bathroom, one bedroom, and one “Real Bed”, so you’re not getting any of those fake beds people just draw on the floor with chalk or anything. I guess.


So there you have it. The best Lake Charles has to offer. Apparently.