I went to my facebook this morning and found a picture posted that really upset me. It upset me because I felt is was so generic and plainly political. I don't think people's lives should be used as partisan folly. Read on and see if you agree.

Here is the picture that upset me.


I was upset because it is so generic. It contains no information on the person executed or the abortion bill. Are we really so mindless that we post things like this with no details? Do people really see something like this and agree with it without doing any homework? I decided to do the homework for them.

There is a poll attached to this story so you can weigh in on the death penalty after reading this. As far as the abortion bill that recently failed in Texas (due to a Democratic filibuster) ... let's look at the facts on that. Again, according to NBC News ...The measure would have banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and would have required all clinics to be graded as surgical centers, with all doctors required to have admitting privileges at hospitals. It's estimated that nearly all of the state's clinics wouldn't have been able to meet the new standards.

Abortions would have to be carried out in safe facilities. Who wants that? The doctors that carry out abortions would have to be able to admit patients to hospitals if there are problems. Who wants that? There would be no abortions after five months of pregnancy. Who cares if babies are murdered?

The next time you see a stupid political meme on facebook .... get the facts before making up your mind.


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