Highway 90 to Close for Railroad Crossing Replacement
Driving across a rough railroad crossing is a much less common occurrence now than it was years ago. In an effort to continue this trend the railroad crossing on Fruge Street (Highway 90) will be replace on March 20, 2015. This will result in the road's closure for two days.
210 Bridge Lane Closures Monday
It will be a long time before we forget about the delays caused by last week's bomb threat on the I-210 Bridge. Not only was I-10 a parking lot; but side streets were also clogged. The commute to work that morning was a nightmare and more is coming.
Should the Truck Speed Limit on I-10 Be Lower?
The two truck accident in Iowa that took the lives of two truckers and shut down I-10 is just the latest in a series of recent truck accidents. The injuries and I-10 shut downs lately have been sky rocketing. Is it time to take action? Would lowering the truck speed limit on I-10 be effective...

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