Even with the outlaw of synthetic marijuana brands like K2 and Spice, new brands like Bubblegum and Gumbo are becoming a bigger problem as an increased number of incidents of ingestion of the illegal substance are being reported locally where the user immediately goes into an unconscious state.

Just recently the Lake Charles Police Department has noticed what a media release describes as a "disturbing trend in the Lake Area." LCPD has reportedly "handled 30 different incidents which a person has ingested synthetic marijuana". Acadian Ambulance has transported roughly 45 people to local hospitals since Friday, August 24, and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office has also handheld similar incidents.

The Combined Anti-drug Task Force (CAT) is aware of the concern and is attempting to understand what is making this substance even more dangerous and just where the substance is coming from. As with all illegal narcotics, this should not be consumed by anyone. LCPD and CPSO urges everyone to stay away from these products and to be alert if you know anyone who uses these products and call 911 immediately.

Since 2010, states such as Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana (August 15, 2010), Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, have all banned synthetic marijuana. Anyone caught in possession of synthetic marijuana will be treated like any person caught in possession of illegal narcotics.

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