If you are a fan of "Swamp People" or "Duck Dynasty" You are gonna love "Swamped." You'll love P'Maw, T-Monkey and the rest of the gang. They are doing what I want to do when I retire.


I have often told people that when I retire I want to open a little bait and tackle show. I will just hang out and talk fishing all day. I have even thought of the perfect location. There is a place on the way to Houston where two rivers meet and it is perfect. The sign on the interstate reads "Old and Lost Rivers." It's a sign from God (and the Texas Department of Transportation.) Back to "Swamp'd.' The story takes place at P'Maws Bait Shack (of course it's in Louisiana.) You get to see all the quirky fisherman and others who stop by to visit.

Tonight P'Maw is off in search of fish eggs for a customer. Could Cajun Caviar be the next big thing? You'll find "Swamp'd" tonight at seven on Animal Planet.

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