Summer’s here, and it seems the only words coming out of mom’s and dad’s mouths are: “When are you going to get a job?”  But you don’t just want any job.  After all, you’ll be stuck doing it all summer.  Lucky for you, we’re here to help you decide which job is the one for you.


Tasks:  Protect lives at the swimming pool, clean pool, look cool.

Pros:  Getting lots of sun, feeling like a giant after saving a life, free access to a pool all summer long.

Cons:  You’ll likely spend most of your time shouting “Don’t run” at small children and you’ll find out just how disgusting people can be in a public pool.

VERDICT:  There are worse things than getting paid to get a tan.  You won't save many lives, but you'll get the privilege of smelling like bleach all summer.

Grass Mowing

Tasks:  Knocking down the green stuff, trimming, pruning, sweating.

Pros:  Again, getting lots of sun, getting lots of exercise, can pay pretty well if you get a good client base, chicks dig a hard worker

Cons:  There are few things people are pickier about than their own lawn.  Mow a stranger’s yard at your own risk.  Also, you’ll smell like gasoline a lot.  (Also also, the price of gasoline.)

VERDICT:  A Louisiana August in 94 percent humidity.  No wonder people are willing to pay good cash.

Flickr / bbaunach


Tasks:  Making sure children stay alive and unharmed for a set number of hours because their parents don't want to be there.

Pros:  Aww, wookit da wittle BABY!  Getting practice for future parenthood, learning about responsibility.

Cons:  Poop, the places it will end up, and the things kids will do with it.

VERDICT:  Getting the run of someone else’s house while playing with kids?  Good work in small bursts.  Unless those small bursts include majestic fountains of poop.

Car Washing

Tasks:  Introducing soap and water to a car, scrubbing, rinsing, repeating.

Pros:  More of that sunlight stuff, and the faster you work, the more you get paid.

Cons:  You thought people were picky about their LAWNS?  Also, prune hands.

VERDICT:  You’ll have arms of steel after a summer of this.  Beats hitting the gym, AND you get paid.

Working at the Mall

Tasks:  Customer service, stocking, probably mopping or vacuuming something.

Pros:  Learning the value of a dollar, meeting lots of cool people, flexible hours (maybe), a small chance for advancement, learn how to deal with people.

Cons:  It’s a mall job, dude.  Eh.  Plus, you may be too tempted to just give your money right back to the store.

VERDICT:  Never as cool as you think it’s going to be.  But it's ... better than getting a poke in the face with a stick?

Flickr / Alan Light

Food service

Tasks:  Waiting on customers, cooking, busing tables, delivering drinks.

Pros:  Who doesn’t like an employee discount on food?  Working for tips can be lucrative.

Cons:  You’ll get fired for spitting in that jerk’s food.

VERDICT:  Ever meet too many people who have been a waiter for longer than two years?  Ask yourself why.  Get in, get paid and get out.