Walking around SWLA, I've seen many people opt to wear a bandana or neck fleece as a mask, but a new study says they offer very little protection. A new study from Duke University looked at 14 different face coverings to see which ones blocked the most particles.

The researchers found clear winners and losers from the study. According to their findings, the best face covering was the N95 mask. We've all heard and probably tried to get our hands on this mask, so it's not surprising it's the clear cut winner. They worked best in class of blocking most particles.

However, disposable surgical masks did almost as good as the N95, and homemade cotton masks with several layers did really well, too.

I know for many people, they're going with neck fleeces and bandanas as a fashion statement. If they have to wear a mask, they want to look fashionable while doing it. The study found that a bandana offers very little particle blockage, since it's only one layer of cloth.

But by far, the very worst protection came from the neck fleeces, also called gaiter masks. If you work out in a gym, you've probably seen many patrons wearing these while working out. The study showed they blocked very little particles and may also cause more problems than they're worth. The study found they broke saliva particles up into even smaller droplets that got through, and smaller droplets can float around in the air longer, so they're more likely to get someone sick.

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