In a move that will bring relief to the hundreds of thousands of folks who work there, coffee giant Starbucks announced that it would be taking care of its employees during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson sent a message to each and every one of its nearly 300,000 employees letting them know that their paychecks would still keep coming, at least through the end of next month.  Starbucks also posted the entire message on their website, see it here.

KVUE is reporting that the Seattle-based coffee shop chain would be paying all of their employees through April 30th, whether they come to work or not.  The memo, titled "A time for resilience, " states that stores be shutting off customer access to the inside portion of their store and shifting to a drive-thru only model.  The reassuring and uplifting letter also shows where the company's priorities lie by stating:

We also committed to pay all Starbucks U.S. and Canada retail partners for the next 30 days whether or not their store is closed, or they are otherwise unable, or even uncomfortable, coming to work. We believe no partner should be asked to choose between work and their health.


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