16th Judicial District Judge Anthony Thibodeaux has issued a temporary order that blocks the enforcement of restrictions on bars put in place by Governor John Bel Edwards for COVID-19 mitigation. The order in particular blocks the restrictions at Red's Levee Bar in Catahoula. Why them specifically? Well, they filed a lawsuit against the restrictions and this is how the judge ruled.

The judge's temporary order will be in place until a hearing can be held on December 28th. The order, according to a report published by KATC Television, quotes attorney Jeff Wittenbrink about the lawsuit and the judge's order.

The TRO says the ATC can no longer suspend her license. They have to refrain from enforcement of the governor's orders until we have a hearing

Court records showed that the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control investigated a complaint against the bar earlier this month. At that time the complaint stated that the bar was serving six people inside the bar and mitigation protocols such as social distancing and face coverings were not being followed.

The lawsuit also references a petition signed by GOP members of the Louisiana House of Representatives that sought to terminate the Governor's mitigation mandates and restrictions. That petition was ruled unconstitutional last month but Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has appealed that ruling to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

So, I guess if you feel the need to quench your thirst and you happen to be in Catahoula and you're not particularly concerned with coronavirus or its spread then Red's Levee Bar just might be your spot. I can't say I blame them. They, like many businesses in the state, are simply trying to survive and stay in business.

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