Local country music group Twangsters Union have been in the studio the past few months recording a new album and today they released their first single from the album called Whiskey and Whitley exclusively to Gator 99.5.

Of course I am from right here in Lake Charles and I always look to support our local bands.  This song is awesome.

Let me tell you a little about the song.  It is about a guy singing about a woman that broke his heart and it is going take whiskey and Keith Whitley music to get over her.  In the song, they refer to a few of Keith Whitley's songs like "I'm over you, I'm no stranger to the rain, I don;t go around mirrors, Kentucky Bluebird" and a few others.  The song also talks about just listening to Keith Whitley's greatest hits over and over.

If you are a fan of classic country music like I am, you will love this song!

Take a listen.

Awesome right?  You can follow them on Facebook and see where they will be performing next in the area.