He thought he'd break into his old place of business, a restaurant, and steal a little money.  But once he got to there, he remembered there were security cameras ... and he had no mask.  So, he had to make do.  With a five-gallon bucket.

WWL-TV reports that Richard Boudreaux, 23,of Slidell, was having money problems and disliked his old boss.  So, Ol' Bucket Head decided to rob the restaurant.  But he wasn't done for the night.  He then tried to break into a pawn shop to get a gun, because he wanted to get one before new gun control laws got passed.  He didn't make it into the pawn shop.  And his bucket disguise didn't work out for him, either.  He was pretty easy to identify.  Looks like the bucket wasn't the only empty container above his shoulders.


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