Ok so i have been playing golf for 21 years now and I have come close to a hole in one but this little girl already has one at the age of 6!!!!

ODD Girl Hole in One

Is she the next Michelle Wie?

A 6-year-old Illinois girl hit an 85-yard hole-in-one on the Links at Ireland Grove, setting a record for the youngest person to do so since the course opened in 2006.

But instead of jumping for joy, little Reagan Kennedy, of Bloomington, calmly walked back to her golf cart - because her parents had told her not to make too much noise while golfing, Pantagraph.com reported.

"We told her this is one time you can scream," her sister, Cheyenne Broquard, 13, told the news site.

"It didn't hit her until the seventh hole, and she said, 'I'm going to get another one.' We said, 'Ok, hot shot.'"

The young prodigy's mother, Erin Kennedy, said Reagan's been golfing since her father gave her a club at age 2.

And while she's competed in a few local tournaments, she told the newspaper that playing with her dad was the best part of the outings.

While she told the newspaper she wants to be a professional one day, her ultimate goal for now? "Beat daddy," she said.

What do you think about this????

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