Tom Benson probably does not feel like doing the Benson Boogie. I would imagine no one in his family feel like doing it either. This is just a mess! Tom Benson is the colorful owner of the Saints and Pelicans. He built his fortune as a car dealer and has been one of New Orleans most successful businessmen. You would think that this would be a great thing. I'm sure he is wondering after everything that has transpired this week.

It's no secret that Tom Benson's third wife (Gayle) and his kids(Daughter and two grand kids) do not get along. His announcement earlier this week that he was leaving his teams to his third wife did not set too well with his kids. They struck back trying t get the 87 year old Benson  declared not mentally fit to make that decision. It is getting tick cher!

So what do you think about this mess?