According to multiple news sources on Monday (April 30), a civilian cargo plane carrying 7 crew members crashed at Bagram Air Field north of Kabul in Afghanistan killing all members on board. 

According to LJS,

The National Airlines plane, a Boeing 747-400, was carrying vehicles and other cargo when it crashed at about 7 a.m. EST, shortly after takeoff from the military base, said Shirley Kaufman, vice president of Human Resources, Ethics and Compliance for National Airlines and National Air Cargo. Four pilots, two mechanics and a load master, who is responsible for making sure that the weight and balance of the cargo is appropriate, on board at the time. There were no passengers.

The Taliban is taking credit for the crash, but U.S. led military coalitions are reporting that the Taliban's claims are false. The aircraft reportedly crashed from a low altitude right after takeoff.

Five of the seven aboard were from Michigan, and their identities have not been released, says the Associated Press.


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