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Shaquille O'Neal is a Louisiana icon.  Scratch that, he's a worldwide phenomenon.  Although this incredible athlete/rapper/DJ/actor/comedian/Sports analyst/whatever else he wants to be made his name on the basketball court famously shattering backboards with his monster dunks for LSU before dominating in the NBA, he's now adding another footnote to his already impressive resume - law enforcement officer.

Shaq Diesel (one of his 400 nicknames) has now been appointed a St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Special Reserve Deputy.  According to KIRO 7, this 7 foot 1 inch mountain of a man isn't exactly new to the blue.  He has been commissioned as a reserve officer with the Lafayette Marshal’s Office in Louisiana and has worn a badge for Doral, Miami Beach and Golden Beach in Florida; Tempe, Arizona; and the Port of Los Angeles.

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