The Calcasieu Parish Public Library and the Calcasieu Parish School Board recently formed a partnership that will benefits students in all grade levels. Students can now use their school ID's as a virtual student library card to access a variety of FREE online services and resources, like afternoon tutoring, foreign language or homework help. Parents/guardians be on the lookout. Each school librarian will be sending home a letter from the Calcasieu Parish Library Director to explain how it to get your child's virtual card number.

Here's a heads up on what to expect. Parents or guardians may to use a PIN and details on where to get it will be enclosed in the letter being sent home with students. In addition, registration may be necessary to access some of the library's resources and an email and/or username will be required. For questions about the various FREE online resources available to students, see the video below for more details.

The Calcasieu Parish Library also has a special online landing page to help students find grade level related resources that can be very helpful. Please note, the student virtual library cards can only be used to for online resources. If students needs to check out a book, they have to use or apply for a regular library card. By the way, the public library has four new card designs to choose from.

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