All this punishing summer heat could actually be good news for those who haven’t gotten around to paying their light bills.

Apparently, Louisiana has a law that keeps electric companies from cutting power to customers if the heat index hits or tops 105 degrees.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell said Louisiana law gives power customers a little extra time to get their bills paid when the heat index tops 105 or when winter temperatures fall below 32 degrees. Now, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay your bills – that’s just crazy talk, kiddo. But it does mean you can get an extension so you don’t burn to a crisp inside your own home and stuff.

If you don’t pay your bill AND you still blow through your extension, there’s good news. You can still use the inside of your car to cook breakfast. Ever have “Armor-All eggs” and “seatbelt-buckle sausage?” Mmm mmm, dat’s some good eatin’.

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