While Louisiana business owners might be less than happy with the results of this session of the Louisiana Legislature, another group of citizens is quite pleased. That group would be the people that are in support of reforming Louisiana's marijuana laws. It was a good session for pot in a lot of different ways.

Kevin Caldwell is with the group Common Sense NOLA and he says he really wasn't expecting too much out this session of the legislature.

But the Louisiana legislature surprised me this year.

Caldwell's comments were published in a story released by the Louisiana Radio Network on Sunday. He went on to say that the willingness of the Sheriff's Association and the District Attorney's to keep an open mind in the discussions about medical marijuana and the reduction in penalties for marijuana offenders really set the stage for change in the state.The penalty reduction changes, says Caldwell, were really progressive.

Actually makes it your third offense before it's a felony. Of course a felony will haunt people for the rest of their life so this is a great step

Other positive steps, in the opinion of Caldwell, were the changes in Louisiana's medical marijuana laws. The bill that passed through the legislature has now made it possible for those going through chemotherapy, suffering from cerebral palsy, and glaucoma to get edible and oil forms of marijuana to ease their symptoms.  The new bill also closed the loopholes in the delivery system for medical marijuana which makes it more accessible for those that truly need it.


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