It sure seems that there have been more truck wrecks on I-10 than usual in the past few weeks. We wanted to know if you thought lowering the truck speed limit would help. Here is what you said.

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It seems that participants in our poll were just about evenly split on this issue. The question was "Should the truck speed limit on I-10 be lower?"

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The results were very evenly matched with 50% saying yes, 42% saying no and 8% saying "let those truckers roll." It is the most even split we have had in the years we have been doing listener polls. After seeing this I spoke with an enforcement official and in their opinion speed is not the main problem. They thought that trucks following each other too closely was a bigger concern. They also said that car drivers not driving safely was a factor.

We all share the road and the responsibility for safety. Maybe we should all get off the phone, slow down and drive defensively. The other thing we could all do would be take a quick online driver safety course. Your insurance will probably reward you for passing the course with lower premiums and you may become a safer driver. I took the course and it saves me about $70 a year on my premium. It also taught me some things that have made me a better and safer driver. I spend about ten hours a week driving on I-10 and that means statistically I have a greater chance of being in an accident than someone who does not drive that much. Safety is a big concern of mine. Let's share the road safely.


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