I can't get over how beautifully blue the water is here in the Caribbean. Today, we landed on Grand Cayman -- and tonight when we get back on board, Damon Troy and Final Five will take the stage once again!

I just stepped onto shore, and the picture above is what I see. Life is great.

Montego Bay was five different kinds of awesome, so the Caymans will have a lot to live up to. So far, they're doing a fine job! It's a little different from Jamaica in that we don't have a dock to pull up to here, so our 1,000-foot ship is parked out in the middle of the bay. To get to shore, they ferry us back and forth in "tender boats." We have to navigate through the coral and rocks to get to shore.

I'll try to upload more pictures throughout the day, so keep checking back on this page!


Friday: Cozumel, Mexico. This port is where I'm REALLY looking forward to going.

Saturday: Our cocktail party on board the ship.

Here we are in the Grand Cayman Islands. This is a picture of the shoreline!




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