I was thinking today about how time is flying by and with all the new platforms for music, mobile apps, and streaming devices, kids today probably have no clue what some of the old school devices are and what they do.

I mean, you don't need DVD players anymore, there are no more home phones, CD players in cars, and VCRs and Walkmans are a thing of the past.

In fact, they don't even make half of these anymore. I found a few things your kids probably have no clue what they are. Test them and let us know how it goes.

Dial Radio

It will probably blow your kid's mind that we needed to pull up the antenna and use the dial to tune into our favorite radio station.

Old Radio (TSM Mike Soileau)


The days of video cassettes and going to the video store to rent your favorite movie are over. Last year, they quit production of VCRs, so if you have one then you have an antique now. And no, kids, this is not a toaster!

Getty Images

Sony Walkman

Remember the days of walking around with your headphones on, listening to the radio? Or, if you splurged a little bit, you had a cassette deck in yours. No, that is not a pager, kiddos.

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Rotary Home Telephone

Remember the days of when you knew everyone's telephone number and had to dial it on one of these? You were like 4-tick tick, 5-tick tick, oh crap, I messed up! Hang up the phone receiver and start over.

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Record player

You see, boys and girls, before the days of a DJ scratching vinyl, we actually would buy 33 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and 45 RPM records to listen to.

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So there is your trip back in time. Now, it is time to explain to your kids what all these items are.