Day three on the beautiful blue sea, and everyone's getting excited because Damon Troy and Final Five will play their first of two on-board concerts tonight! We're turning the Spotlight Lounge into a chanky-chank!


Hey everyone,

Mike Soileau coming to you live from the middle of the Caribbean sea. Below is a picture of the spotlight lounge where Damon Troy rocked the ship tonight. Also I have included a picture of Damon and the band final five performing live. Tomorrow we will be in Jamaica so stayed tuned!




First thing tomorrow morning, we land in Jamaica! We'll hit the shore and go exploring! We're doing everything by satellite internet here on the ship, which is too slow for me to upload video, but check back with us when we get back to the States next week, and we'll have exclusive concert footage of Damon and the band!

Later tonight, I'll add pictures from the concert to this post. Come back and check it out!

Meanwhile, here's what sunset looks like at sea... Jealous yet? Good -- that's because you need to get ready and come with us for our cruise next year. Do like I do -- start saving early!

Sunset at Sea

Thursday: The Cayman Islands and Damon and the boys will rock the ship again with our second concert.

Friday: Cozumel, Mexico -- we plan to take over Margaritaville. The Cajuns are coming to conquer Mexico!

Saturday: Our cocktail party on board the ship. We might convince Damon to break out his accordion once again.

So here is a picture of my girlfriend (on left) with Funship Freddy on the lido deck of the ship. That's her two friends on the right side!

We are in our cabin right now getting dressed. Damon Troy's first performance is today at 4 p.m. In the spotlight lounge on deck 5. It's time to gather up all the crazy Cajuns and show the Caribbean how it's done! Check back later to see pictures from the party.


Check out the picture below. This is what I saw from my balcony this morning. Hmm another ship heading to Jamaica.

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