According to KATC Lafayette, on yesterday (April 24th), the Lafayette Parish grand jury declined against indicting Marcus Arceneaux in the fatal shooting of Scott Thomas, the man responsible for abducting his cousin, Bethany Arceneaux on Nov. 8, 2013.  

A Lafayette Parish grand jury has returned a "no true bill" against a man who shot a suspect accused of abducting his cousin. According to Assistant District Attorney Pat Magee, the grand jury appeared to agree with the D.A.'s office and Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office that the shooting was a "justifiable homicide". 23-year-old Marcus Arceneaux shot Scott Thomas back in November after deputies say Thomas abducted Bethany Arceneaux. Arceneaux was held in an abandoned home for two days before relatives found her. Witnesses say Thomas was shot because he began attacking Arceneaux when they arrived to rescue her. — KATC

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