I have a 7-year-old grand daughter I affectionately call "Gigibaby," and she wants to be a mermaid. She scoured YouTube on our first night at the beach, and I would soon discover that she was looking for potions that would turn her into the magical sea creature.

As you can see in the video, she was adamant that such a feat is possible. The only thing standing between her and a fin was the proper concoction. Her companion on the trip, as you hear, is less convinced of any potions efficacy, but Gigibaby is not to be deterred.

The next morning when we woke up and started to head out for the beach, she had in her hand a yellow plastic cup filled with what I thought was water. Upon questioning, she admitted that it was water with just the right amount of salt. She was supposed to rub it onto her legs before getting into the water at the beach so that she could begin her transformation. I explained to her that the water in the Gulf of Mexico was already salty, and I was sure it would suffice. She rubbed the already prepared elixir onto her cute little legs for good measure.

I can report she is still among the human, land-roving bipeds. I think she is now trying to figure out how to become a vampire without being bitten on the neck by an actual creature of the night.

Children can be so much fun.

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