Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control Director Scott Willis has announced that mosquito populations in Southwest Louisiana are expected to explode due to the recent amount of rainfall.

The size and scope of the outbreak is hard to predict, but due to the amount of standing water which mosquitoes use as breeding grounds, there is cause for concern.  Pinpointing the exact time of mosquito hatchings is difficult, but officials expect to start seeing mosquito population increases early next week, the species involved will be daytime, as well as nighttime biters.

Generally it takes 5-8 days of standing water for the development of adult mosquitoes.  The threat is also not usually this bad as rain mostly comes in small increments, reducing the possibility of water standing for long periods.  That was not the case in the recent bout of downpours.

Citizens are encouraged to do their part in reducing this outbreak.  Standing water around your home that has collected in buckets, flower pots, cans, should be emptied and then stored or thrown away to discourage mosquito breeding.  Eliminating these nearby threats will go a long way toward providing relief around the residence.

Those planning on spending large amounts of time outdoors in the coming weeks should be prepared for the mosquito onslaught.  Spray repellents should be used, and appropriate dress should be worn.  Wear long pants, and long sleeve shirts light in color, as darker colors tend to serve as an attractant.

As the weather permits crews will be monitoring mosquito populations to locate problem areas and spray treatments will be scheduled.  If you need to report a mosquito problem in your area, please call 337-721-3780.