Since our first visit to Moody Gardens in Galveston a few years ago, it has been one of our family's favorite destinations for a weekend escape. There are many things to see, but the Rainforest Pyramid seems to be the one we enjoy the most.

Monkeys, sloths, birds of all colors, and many other animals generally roam free. Plants and trees from rain forests around the world grow there, and visitors get to see things they may never get to see in their entire lives! Around every turn and at every level, it's a real treat!

Employees of the park are stationed throughout each attraction, including the Rainforest Pyramid. In this habitat, the white-faced Saki seems nonplussed by its biped cousins. When one roams near, the employees are near to make sure that visitors don't get too close. After all, WE are in THEIR home.

The much smaller cotton-top tamarin who is much more leery of humans, but unbelievably adorable! Can you see him in the video below?



Spectacularly-colored birds are everywhere! It's amazing how different they all are, from the shapes of their beaks, to the way they walk, to their bodies and legs. Remarkable!


Whether you travel to Galveston for the day or stay for the weekend, Moody Gardens is a fabulous choice for a visit that is both fun and educational for both young and more mature folks, even teenagers!