Last night, just before the Monday night football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers was about to kick off, a generator blew up outside the stadium causing the power in Candlestick Park to go out.

I was watching the countdown show on ESPN and when they were just about to send it out to the field, they showed an aerial shot of the stadium and boom the power went out. Some thought Earthquake!

There was a like a 30 minute delay in getting the game started. Once started though, the 49ers got off to a 6-o lead over the Steelers.

With about twelve minutes left in the second quarter, BOOM the lights went off again!

San Francisco's lights-out return to prime time in a 20-3 victory over the Steelers helped salvage what could have been an embarrassing evening for everyone involved on the NFL's biggest stage after a pair of power outages delayed the game for close to 35 minutes in all.


Well after two power outage delays, the 49ers ended up winning the game 20-3.  Get ready for next Monday night as the Atlanta Falcons will come to New Orleans to take on the Saints!!