Master P is coming through for his peps in NOLA, delivering life-saving water as part of the ongoing Hurricane Ida relief efforts continue. The No Limit Soldier actually owns his own water brand, LA Great Water, and has the capacity to deliver thousands of gallons of water to people in need. It may seem like no big deal, but having access to fresh drinking water is extremely important when there are power outages.

When the power is out, water plants can't supply clean water, or their production is severely minimized. In a disaster situation, this can literally mean the difference between life or death. So, big up's to Master P for sending out the much-needed quality H2O! Below the music mogul tells TMZ he plans on delivering food and anything else he can to help those impacted by the historic storm.

Master P is always giving back to the community and city that made him what he is today. Launching the Team Hope NOLA Foundation, the rap legend has annual charity celebrity basketball tournaments, food giveaways, scholarship programs, and much more. Shout-out to P and his crew for coming through time and time again! Also, congrats to his son Mercy on committing to the University of Houston and future basketball success!

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