So a while ago, I posted some funny and cool pictures that I found on Facebook and one's that people sent me.  So I thought I would share some more!

Some are just down right funny and some just show the pride of the LSU Tiger fans.  Check these out!

Here is the first one celebrating the fact that the Tigers are in the National Championship game!

Here is another one:

Ok and here are a couple for the Alabama Fans as we get set to take on the Crimson Tide for the second time! (Oh and beat them again!)

This one is making fun of the Alabama Crimson Tide Field Goal kickers because they couldn't make a kick during the game against LSU.  Lets hope that happens again on January 9th!

And then there is the Honey Badger Pictures!

This one is about when Tryann Mathieu ran a punt return in for a touchdown during the SEC Championship game but threw the ball to the referee befroe he crossed the goal line.  This one is funny!


Here is a funny one from the Florida Game:

This one made me laugh out loud.  It is talking about the Georgia Bulldogs who LSU beat 42-10 in the SEC Championship!

This is a neat picture showing all the teams LSU beat this season on the way to there 13-0 record!



Here is one from the LSU/Arkansas game:

This is a print I found at a local store.  it is the Uniform LSU wore during their home game this season against Auburn.

Mike Soileau--Cajun Radio

And finally, it just says it all!  GEAUX TIGERS!