It was a unanimous vote of "Yes" for a new drainage ordinance by the Lake Charles City Council last night. The previous rules and regulations of the city's current ordinance have not been changed since 1984. After 36 years, it seemed to be time to finally do something about it.

Every time it rains in the lake area, some homes and roads around the city seem to always flood, no matter how much or little rain we see. This all stems from not having proper drainage in the area. The city has already worked on trying to clear and clean out its current drainage system, but continuous development has put a very large strain on the infrastructure already in place.

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Mayor Nic Hunter spoke before the vote about how the new plan being voted into place will improve our current situation and allow for adjustments down the way. The big concern from some of the advisory board is always to ensure we are not overworking our current systems that drain in various ditches and canals around the area. After a large rain storm hits, all of that water must go somewhere, and routing it to the proper areas will be key as the lake area continues to grow and thrive.

Drainage experts and engineers worked alongside the mayor and city council to make the final plans and develop how the city will move further with its new drainage ordinance. The council passed it unanimously.

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